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25 Things You Should Know Before You Read the Bible

One of the unique things about the Bible is that there are things one needs to know ABOUT the Bible they need to know which will help them understand the Bible better when they do read and or study the Bible.

1. The Bible is actually a collection of 66 individual books written by over 40 authors whom God inspired over a period of 1,500 years - 40 generation. It was a progressive revelation.

2. The Bible is divided into two different parts; the Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament (NT)​ The word Testament is a legal term like we hear used today when a person leaves their "last will and testament. The word "covenant" could also be used instead of "testament" as well.

3.The Old Testament covers the period from Creation to Jesus.

4.The New Testament covers the period from Jesus to the death of the Apostles.

5.The Old Testament is commonly referred to as “The Law”

6.The New Testament is commonly referred to as “Grace”.

7.The Law, however, was not given by Moses until 2539 years after Creation – meaning the entire Book of Genesis and most of Exodus was written before the Law was given.

8.In Galatians 3:19 we read that the “Law” was added until the promised Christ came meaning the “Law” was only meant to be temporary.

9.So, it should not surprise us when Romans 6:14 tells us we are no longer under the Law but under Grace.

10.Although it is true that Jesus Himself stated in Matthew 5:17 that He did not come to abolish the Law, if one will read the rest of the verse He also said, He did come to fulfill the Law. Once He fulfilled it that qualified Him to go to the cross, become sin and have our sins nailed to the cross for us, once again proving there is no need for the Law – plus His Father God was the who did abolish it – see below. Jesus became what we were so we could become what He is. There are a significant numbers of reasons why the Law was done away with.

11.Heb. 8:3 tells us it has been replaced. That is why we have a NEW TESTAMENT. This is what replaced the Old Testament.

12.Heb. 8:7. God said it didn’t even work.

13.Heb. 8:8. God found fault with it

14.Heb. 8:9. God canceled it

15.Heb. 8:13. It is out of date

16.Heb. 10:1. It never saved anyone!

17.Heb. 10:4 & 11 It didn’t take sin away. Also see Galatians 2:16

18,Heb. 10:3. Instead, it was a constant reminder of their sin.

19.Heb. 10:1. It was only a shadow, not the reality of things to come. (RY Remember the reality is always spectacular compared to the shadow.)

20.Heb. 10:18. There is no need for it.

21.Acts 13:39. The Law was powerless to justify. Also see Galatians 2:16

22.Rom. 4:15. The Law brings the wrath of God.

23.Gal. 3:10. Those who rely on observing the Law are under a curse

24.Gal. 5:3. If you are determined to try to keep the Law, you must obey all of it all the time (and only Jesus was able to do that).

25.Gal. 5:4. Those who try to be justified by the Law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace. (One does not fall from grace by sinning but by trying to keep the Law.

1.I am Free From the Law                                                            Rom. 6:7
2.I am Not Under the Law                                                             Rom. 6:14
3.I am Dead to the Law                                                                 Rom. 7:4
4. I don't serve in the old way of the Law                                      Rom. 7:6
5.Once you are saved, it is the end of the Law                             Rom. 10:4
6.I am Not Under the Supervision of the Law                                Gal. 3:25
7.I can Live in the New way of the Spirit                                        Rom. 7:6

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