Welcome to our Web site! This page gives a quick-start overview about Faith Chapel Church. The links on the sidebar will direct you to more detailed information if you need or want it. The rest of the site is educational. Click on the Learning Center  for additional information. Once again, welcome to Faith Chapel Church - Your New Learning Place.

Our commitment to you:  Give us 3 months and you will learn more about the Bible, the Christian faith, and how to apply it to your life than most people learn in a lifetime.
                                 Ron Yohe, Pastor
Faith Chapel Church
Your New Learning Place; Where Grace is taught, Disciples made, and Leaders developed.

Faith Chapel Church:
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Victory Christian Center
Michael Mc Afee, Pastor
The Learning Center

Check Out - The Learning Center

As much as we would like you to become an active part of Faith Chapel, we are global in our outreach and know that is not possible. However, we have done the next best thing.  In the Learning Center we have provided what I believe is the best, easiest to understand, and most brief teachings available.  It will be very helpful for:

There is also a 310 "Question - Answer" section which you will find very helpful.

And finally, we have an entire Bible School - all on the Internet - All FREE.

This is a great place to send your friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers that have questions you may not be able to answer.  

Check it out - click here
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"The Battle in Our Minds"
Pastor Josh Frieden
For more recordings, click on "Audio" link to left.
Did You Know?
Of couse not and neither do most people.  It all begins with the Learning Center, click below.